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Dr. Maryam Kalvandi

Exchange District Clinic

As a modern dental clinic, DenTouch Dental provides dental care in the Dynasty Building, located within the city’s historic Chinatown neighborhood. By using state of the art technology and the latest equipment, we provide patients with efficient and safe dental care. Whether you’re just looking for a checkup and a cleaning, or maybe you’re experiencing tooth pain and need to have emergency dental work done right away, we’re here for you. We also offer cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve a beautiful smile with services such as Invisalign, in-office teeth whitening, dental implants, and much more. We are a multilingual team that can speak English, Persian (Farsi), Kurdish, and Tagalog fluently.

Confusion Corner Clinic

Opening our new state-of-the-art clinic right near confusion corner, DenTouch Dental will be providing dental care near Osborne station and Corydon avenue. We are bringing our excellent customer service and patient experience to a whole new part of the city. Whether you’re just looking for a checkup and a cleaning, or maybe you’re experiencing tooth pain and need to have emergency dental work done, we’re here for you. We also offer cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve a beautiful smile with services such as Invisalign, in-office teeth whitening, dental implants, botox and much more. DenTouch is also a unique dental clinic in Winnipeg that has the ability improve your sleep apnea and ultimately enhance your quality of life.

The DenTouch Team

Dr. Kalvandi obtained her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Manitoba, after completing a pre-dentistry program at the University of Winnipeg in 2014. She has a vibrant and kind personality and loves to laugh and have fun with her patients, and enjoys working with children and teaching them to care for their teeth, and she strives to help all her patients feel comfortable in the dental office. In addition to English, she speaks Persian (Farsi) and Kurdish fluently.

Assisting Dr. Kalavandi is our team of dental professionals that have been working together for several years and is ready to offer you excellent customer service. Our passion is to ensure that our patients are beyond satisfied with their dental care from the moment they enter our offices to the time that they leave!




What we do?

Dental Services At DenTouch

icon representing composite filling, dental fillings

Composite Fillings

Dental fillings repair and restore the tooth and help prevent infection or painful decay that would require more serious dental work.

icon representing dental crowns, cosmetic dentistry

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns make up an essential part of restorative dentistry, and can greatly improve the strength, appearance, and longevity of your teeth.

icon representing extractions, teeth removal


Having a tooth or teeth removed is a very common procedure that can be performed with very little pain or discomfort.

icon representing root canals

Root Canal

Root canals can be careful, quick, and relatively pain-free bringing you immediate relief and saving your natural tooth.

icon representing teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleanings

Regular checkups and cleanings prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Plan your cleaning and checkup every 6 to 8 months to prevent the sudden onset of dental pain and unexpected expenses.

icon representing invisalign

Invis & Invisalign

Invisalign’s clear orthodontic aligners straighten teeth, close gaps and align your bite for a beautiful smile and healthy lifestyle. Get a complete treatment in as little as 6 months.

icon representing service at DenTouch: dental veneers

Dental Veneers

Get the whitest, brightest, long-lasting smile of your dreams with porcelain veneers completely customizable look.

icon representing service at DenTouch: dentures, dental implants


Get new dentures or maintain and repair your full or partial dentures. These modern dental prostheses can replace several or all of your teeth with minimal discomfort.

icon representing service at Dentouch: dental bridges, cosmetic dentistry

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge restores the appearance and health of your mouth by covering spaces with a false tooth supported by either dental implants and/or your natural teeth.

icon representing service at DenTouch: sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea

We can improve your sleep quality that ultimately will improve the quality of your life.

icon representing teeth whitening icon

Teeth Whitening

Help bring out the best in your smile in as little as one appointment and leave with noticeably whiter teeth.

icon representing sealants and fluoride treatment icon

Sealants & Fluoride Treatment

Protect and strengthen tooth enamel and shield molars from cavities and decay.

icon representing children dental health

Child’s First Appointment

When Children visit a dental office for the first time, it lays the foundation for oral health that will last a lifetime.

icon representing dental x-ray for oral cancer screening

Oral Cancer Screening

Early cancer detection for the mouth, lips, tongue or throat. Learn the signs and understand your risk.

icon representing mouth guards

Sports Guards

Sports guards don’t just protect your teeth. They also protect braces and fixed dental appliances (like bridges and dental implants) and protect the inside of your cheeks and lips from your braces in the event of an accident.

icon representing TMJ therapy and TMD therapy

TMJ Therapy

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint and TMD stands for Temporomandibular Disorder. TMJ and TMD are both often used to describe the conditions affecting the muscles, nerves and joints of the jaw.




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